Known Bugs & Issues

Jump Links is in Early Release mode. There are no known issues with the app at this time.

We are actively investigating looking for bugs and issues with the app including user-experience problems. If you notice anything please let us know!


  • FIXED, this issue will be removed soon – When you first install the app a redirect might be blocked by your browser (Chrome, Edge). This might only appear as an icon in your URL bar and a message may not accompany it. Instead of the app you expect, you will see a blank app screen when this happens. When this happens please click the icon in your browser’s URL bar and select the option to “Always allow redirects from”. This will fix the blank screen issue immediately for you. We are investigating a permanent solution for this issue right now.
  • We have noted some backend slowness with the app loading inside of Shopify. This does not impact the pagespeed of your blog posts or the rest of your website and only impacts the admin of the app inside of Shopify. We are working on ways to optimize this currently.


  • When the app is removed, some of the code stays behind (to ensure the Table of Contents can be easily added back in).